What daycare prices are other parents paying?

I want to know how much an average childcare costs (both preschool facilities and a in-home daycare). I am struggling on what I can actually afford & what is expected to be paid.

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Ericka posted August 19, 2019

Childcare prices definitely vary on where you are located. But private preschool facilities can range from around $1000-4200/month. In home daycares are definitely more affordable, some can charge a daily rate while others may charge a weekly or monthly rate. In homes can range from probably $35/day-$80/day? 0 Likes

Nynette posted August 19, 2019

I pay for about $230/week for full time care at my in home daycare. So in a month, that equals to around $920 give or take. There are also public childcares that are free if you fall under the low income bracket. But you can always look for financial assistance through different government subsidy programs like Crystal Stairs or Children's Home Society. I know a few friends who go through those programs and they are a huge help! 3 Likes

Tasha posted September 12, 2019

Daycare rates can fluctuate based on the area, program attributes and the child care provider/daycare owner. When I compared for infant care, the average center in my area charged approx. $400 per week and the average home day care provider charged approx. $250 per week. Use your daily route to broaden your options and make some calls to compare to truly determine your average cost and tour the locations to help you make an informed decision. 1 Like