How do you breastfeed with a child in daycare?

Wondering how daycare works if you’re still breastfeeding? Thinking about sending our 8 mo to daycare but not willing to switch her to formula.

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Cassie posted July 16, 2019

Is she eating baby food, too? Depending on how many hrs you leave her, you could just nurse before and after. They can swap in baby food & water. Moms do come in on their lunch break to nurse if close by. Kind of a hassle though if you’re commuting in LA. 0 Likes

Kaleigh posted July 16, 2019

Find a daycare that works w. breastfeeding moms. Pump and send in bottles IF they know how to handle, heat, store, read dates, etc. A lot of big centers won’t do this. We do in our home daycare, though. 0 Likes

Shayla posted July 16, 2019

Yeah, just pump. That’s what I did with my LO when I went back to work. If the provider is weird about it, they are prob not right for you. I’ve worked at daycares that do and don’t handle. You gotta plan how you’ll store to/from daycare, like w/ ice packs in a lunchbox or cooler. You can freeze, too. Just be smart and label everything. 0 Likes

Maureen posted July 16, 2019

Definitely discuss this with any potential daycare provider as it may weigh in on your enrollment decision. Invest in a GREAT pump to save time and ensure enough milk is being provided while your baby is in care. As long as the breast milk is properly stored, labeled and the supply is sufficient, it should be fine. I wouldn't switch my baby to formula if it was an enrollment condition, continue breastfeeding as long as possible! 0 Likes

Verlinda posted July 30, 2019

As one of the other provider's. I agree look for a breastfeeding daycare facility. We provide such service & an environment which my families appreciate because it give them time to continue to bound and give them mommie & me time before work & after work. Parent's are encouraged to bring in milk to last through out the day. Having resource available when needed is helpful to. Breastfeeding to me is important because the milk the parent provide has the nutritional needs their little needs to help fight off some of all the germs, pollutants being spread around these days. I think breastfeeding is a good defense to use until a child gets all their immunizations. We find children who are breastfed are less sick & have less colds. To all my parents keep in mind your little one will let u know when the want move on breast milk to formula. I hope this was helpful. Have a great awesome day with your Precious little one 1 Like