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Looking for LA daycares that accept government subsidy!

Crenshaw single mom in need of help finding a daycare that accepts government subsidy! I receive government subsidy for my son’s child care. How do I find a daycare that accepts subsidy, though? Most of the daycares I’ve visited have very strict payment rules and guidelines. Getting subsidy was a blessing, but I’m just having trouble using it!

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Sarah posted July 8, 2019

My sister had the same issue. It’s a shame there aren’t more daycare providers who are willing to work with families like yours and hers. She ended up finding Ms. Queen at Divinity WeeCare and her facility accepted government subsidy. Not too far from you. Her website says she accepts kids of all ages, too. Hope this is able to help! 2 Likes

Marilyn posted July 8, 2019

Okay hun, I’ve got you! My kids are at A Home for Us WeeCare, but we also checked out Ms. Gaby's Little House WeeCare, and both accepted government subsidy. Us single moms need to stick together. Let me know if you have any other questions! 1 Like

Ingrid posted July 11, 2019

Usually programs such as CCRC, Crystal Stairs, etc. have a list of local daycares that they can refer! 3 Likes

Denise posted September 13, 2019

Yes definitely out reach to your local Resource and Referral Agency! Parents can confirm who their local Resource and Referral agency is by calling 1-800-543-7793, there will be a prompt to enter the zip code and all pertinent info will be provided. Also, the following website can be used as well: 0 Likes