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What is the difference between daycare centers and in-home daycares?

So my sister has her daughter in a preschool facility and I kind of want my daughter to go there as well but it's just really expensive and I am thinking about going towards the daycare option but am so hesitant because I'm not sure if the quality with be as good. Opinions?

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Karlita posted July 18, 2019

I know how you feel! When I started looking for childcare, I was so scared to trust anyone with my child but when you have to go to work, there really is no option. So I realized that after touring multiple in home daycares, I came to the conclusion that they are definitely more capable of showering children with more 1 on 1 attention. When I went to preschools, there were a bunch of kids and even with assistants in the room and how their ratios played out, it seemed too overwhelming for my baby. So I encourage you to tour mulitple locations for both types and try to pinpoint your biggest need. 1 Like

Gina posted July 18, 2019

I personally don't think there's a huge difference. If you find great quality care that hits all of your needs, the location is only a location. I was able to find an in home daycare that focuses on academics and social interactions just as much as any school. They also go on field trips and little outside excursions. Honestly, if you find a preschool facility and the teachers and bad, would you want to go, just because it's a "school"? Same thing applies to daycares. It's ultimately up to the provider and what they can give. 0 Likes

Amanda posted July 23, 2019

It just depends on your families needs and what you as parents are looking for. I went the home daycare route for a few reasons. Firstly, I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old who are very close, and it's important to me that I keep them together at this point in time. With my youngest being so young, a home daycare has more individualized attention he needs at that age. Also location wise, I was looking for something closer to our home, so that it would be easier to drop them off and pick them up during my commute to and from work. Third was price wise we found home daycares are cheaper than centers, and with two kiddos any penny that we can save really helps! But definitely look at all your options and tour different places to see what works best for you. Also when choosing an in home daycare make sure they are licensed and background checked. 1 Like

Trina posted July 31, 2019

I love home day care providers! The children are in a smaller group setting that allows more one-on-one attention and support. Seek out a home day care provider that is licensed and provides a program that incorporates curriculum with structure. Home day care providers work closely with families and you can really build a strong relationship with your caregiver. I would start by scheduling tours with a few home day care providers to begin researching potential options. 0 Likes