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Upwards Early Learners

Education from the start

"The Early Learners Program focuses on kindergarten readiness. As 90% of physical brain development occurs in the first three years of life, it is imperative to start educating children at an early age."

Photo of Carmen, Director of Wonderland Upwards

Esther Wojcicki

Author, "How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results"
Upwards Education Advisor

Professionally curated early childhood education

The Early Learners Program allows providers the freedom to choose from thousands of activity plans created by early education experts.

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Keeping parents and educators on the same page

Upwards activities program

See scheduled activities that promote early childhood development

Search activities by learning centers and education topics

Engages children of all ages through age-appropriate modifications

Instructions for parents to continue education at home

Tracking and benchmarking developmental milestones

Upwards activities program

"With Upwards' Early Learners Program, caregivers can share what children are learning through the Upwards app and track their progress, to ensure continuity of education at home."

Photo of Jessica Chang, Co-founder and CEO of Upwards

Jessica Chang

Co-founder & CEO

Providers love using the "Early Learners Program"

"Upwards lessons are easy to follow and can be easily modified for younger and older children. And, the images bring the activities to life—I love it!"

Erica Metry, Wonderland Upwards Daycare

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"I love the weekly themes and look forward to opening the app to spark ideas for the day."

Ameerah Massey, Miraclegirls Upwards Daycare

Upwards kids

Developed by early education experts

Early Learners was developed in partnership with Upwards' advisor and renounced educator, Esther Wojcicki. The multidisciplinary program teaches children lessons in art, math, social-emotional learning, STEM, and purposeful play. Wojcicki's T.R.I.C.K. philosophy is incorporated into children's weekly lessons to instill trust, respect, independence, collaboration, and kindness. The program is available at no additional cost to Upwards providers.