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Covered Childcare for the Army Reserve and National Guard During Drills

Receive no-cost childcare from licensed and approved caregivers during drill weekends!

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Upwards Military Childcare Program

You take care of us. We're proud to take care of your children.

Upwards supports the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard by offering dedicated childcare services during planned drills throughout the year. While you safeguard our nation, we provide your children with the warmth and care they truly deserve.

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How does the program work?

Upwards offers complimentary childcare services to members of the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard during drill weekends at no cost. The best part? It's easy to access! Simply sign up, indicate your desired dates of care, and we will connect you with caregivers in your area. With us, your little ones have access to providers they'll love — and that best suit your family's specific needs.

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What are people saying?

Photo of Army Sergeant, Nicole L.

Quality childcare is crucial for us to fulfill our military duties and remain mission ready with peace of mind, knowing that their children are in good hands and well-cared for.

Nicole L.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant

Photo of Upwards provider, Sandra P.

I know children are the future of my community, and it makes me so happy to help both our soldiers and their youth.

Katherine M.

Upwards Provider


Learn how Upwards makes it easy for military families to find and afford quality childcare!

How does this program benefit military families?

Upwards ensures that military families can access childcare services during drill weekends at absolutely no cost. Through our network of licensed in-home daycares, we enhance the accessibility, quality, and flexibility of childcare for your kiddos. We want to support service members during drill duties — leave the kiddos to us!

Why do the kids love Upwards?

At Upwards, the safety and happiness of military families and their children are our top priorities. Our extensive network of licensed childcare providers undergoes rigorous screening processes and receives continuous support from us to create a happy, healthy, and nurturing environment. With Upwards, you can experience true peace of mind, knowing that your little ones are in the hands of passionate and quality caregivers.

What can I expect as an Upwards parent or guardian?

Upwards simplifies childcare for military families by matching them with the right providers and accommodating unexpected schedule changes. Our easy-to-use mobile app allows easy meetings, tours, and enrollment with local providers, eliminating paperwork and waitlists. An Upwards Dedicated Care Manager acts as a personal concierge, guiding you (and your tiny ones) through the entire process.

How is my family approved for care?

Upwards works with parents and guardians in the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard. Not sure if you qualify? Just want to learn more about the program? We want your family to get the support you deserve. Take the first step and get started today!
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