What is a Montessori daycare?

I am confused. I have looked into Montessori schools and other preschools that aren't really labelled and I would love to hear what the true breakdown of what a real Montessori is supposed to offer.

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Ruth posted August 12, 2019

By definition, Montessori schools are supposed to teach a progressive curriculum that uses child directed learning backed by observation and scientific research. What that means is that a lot of the learning is through children learning from hands on activities where they are given the option to make their own choices. Many other preschools will also take a Montessori approach but not call themselves Montessori. 1 Like

Kris posted August 12, 2019

The main idea behind having a Montessori concept is so that children learn through experience. Montessori schools are structured in a more open way, where toys, activities and exploration are at the tips of their fingers. Children are open to freely explore without constraints and consequences. 1 Like

Maureen posted August 12, 2019

The Montessori teaching method was founded in 1907 by Maria Montessori, who began testing her own child-centered educational theories in the classroom. Montessori education focuses on inspiring children to spearhead their own learning. Children are encouraged to choose their own task with the guidance of educators. Children decide their best approach to tackle each challenge. The Montessori approach also teaches children social skills and how to consciously decide their actions and reactions while weighing the impact they will have on others. Children are taught to interact with regard for rules and guidelines, cooperation is valued. Montessori students are given the world as their open field to fully explore in their curiosity and creativity. 1 Like

Sonya posted November 13, 2019

I've been running a Montessori daycare for over a decade now, and I'd say the most important thing (second to quality educators) is to have a classroom that inspires your students. I use pure fun supply to find all of the toys and furniture for my school. Le tme know if you have any questions or other tips!! 0 Likes