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What are the best children's hair salons in the Valley Village area?

My son is almost two and a half and we’ve never cut his hair before! He has these beautiful curls and I’ve never been able to bring myself to take him to have it trimmed. It’s gotten really long though, and so I’ve decided it’s time for his first haircut! Do I take him to the woman who cuts my hair or is there something more child-friendly? For reference, we’re in the Valley Village area. Thanks in advance!

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Carol posted June 17, 2019

Everyone I know in that area takes their kids to The Yellow Balloon! It’s in Studio City, so it’s pretty close to you. They have tons of fun games, toys, and the hair stylists are so friendly! Every kid leaves with a yellow balloon, too, which helped my bribe my son to go with me the first time haha. Good luck with your little man! 0 Likes

Tiara posted June 17, 2019

At the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks they have Little Stars Hair Salon 4 Kids. The salon chairs look like little race cars. My daughter was so excited the first time we went. If you’re nervous about taking your son somewhere for his first haircut, you can always try trimming it a little bit yourself! I cut my daughter’s hair myself until she was about four or five. 0 Likes

Brett posted September 26, 2019

My son and I love getting our hair cut together! We go to Christopher Styles Barbershop in Valley Village and they have the nicest most professional staff that work there. Everyone works so well with the kids and that is really hard to come by. It honestly feels like an extension of our family and we look forward to seeing them every month. 0 Likes