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Best pediatric dentists in Palmdale?

My son’s first tooth just started coming in and now I’m starting to look for pediatric dentists for him! I’m worried, though. He always acts up when I take him to see his pediatrician. He really doesn’t seem to like doctor’s offices, and that makes me think he’ll be anxious going to the dentist, too! Have any of you found any super kid-friendly pediatric dentists? We’re in the Palmdale area.

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Gigi posted June 10, 2019

Oh my gosh! I’m sorry he gets anxious. We went through something similar with my son. We presented the dentist as something really exciting where there would be lots of toys and movies and I made sure to pick somewhere that was extremely child-friendly. We’re in Palmdale, too, and our family goes to Children’s Dentistry of AV. Their office is beautiful! There’s a huge treehouse and lots of toys everywhere. Highly recommend! 0 Likes

Allegra posted June 10, 2019

We just started going to Heidi’s Kids Dental Center in Lancaster. It’s very colorful and definitely looks fun inside. We’re still new there, but it’s a good choice for the Palmdale/Lancaster area! 0 Likes