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Best kid-friendly museums in LA?

I’m a West Hollywood mom and I’m wondering how young is too young to take kiddos to museums? I want to avoid another one of those nightmare outings haha. I have a 6 year-old daughter and a 3 year-old son. I’m not worried about my daughter, but my son sometimes has tantrums in public. Are there any good museums to take kids to in LA?

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Sadaf posted June 14, 2019

The Skirball Museum has a Noah’s Ark exhibit that is made for kids to interact with! It’s nice having a part of the museum that kids can yell and scream in. We went last year for Mother’s Day with my boys! 2 Likes

Maryam posted June 14, 2019

She’s right - Noah’s Ark at Skirball is a lot of fun! Another place I think most people forget about for kids is the Getty! The inside of the actual museum might not be the best idea, but just walking around the building and through the gardens is a lot of fun. And don’t forget about the best part - taking the tram to and from the museum is my kids’ favorite part haha. They love it. 0 Likes

Addy posted June 19, 2019

The La Brea Tar Pits is super convenient and fun for kids. They also have free days, so check the schedule! The farmers market is also a good place to grab a meal with the kids afterwords. 1 Like

Katherine posted June 25, 2019

The Natural History Museum. There are certain exhibits I would avoid as they can be boring for the kiddos. They have live interactions with animals for the kiddos. The gardens are great to walk through and they have a fun outside water exhibit to keep the kiddos cool in the summer. I brought my 2 year old at the time and she loved it. 3 Likes

Jackie posted June 26, 2019

The Kids Space Museum is incredible! All of my kids are always asking me to take them there :) 0 Likes

Ellie posted July 1, 2019

+1 for the Natural History Museum. You can also see the space shuttle Endeavor! 0 Likes

Leah posted July 2, 2019

DISCOVERY CUBE!! All-Day Everyday. My daughter LOVES it there so much we bought two year memberships and we go every time the exhibit changes - and there are 3 locations in the Greater Los Angeles area. 1 Like