Best swim schools for kids in Hollywood?

Summer is almost here and I have some questions. First, when is the best time to teach a child to swim? My daughters are 2 and 5. Is the little one big enough yet for learning? Second, we don’t have a pool, but we’ll be by water this summer when we go on vacation, so I want them to learn. Has anyone taken their kids to any swim schools near the Hollywood area, and any recommendations or advice?

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Robyn posted June 12, 2019

We started my son when he was almost 2. It seemed really early, but he was such a good learner and I actually think because he was so young he was less afraid of the water, which was a plus! We go to the Los Angeles Swim Academy in Hollywood. We’ve gone for a few years now, but my son was a pretty solid swimmer after just his first summer of lessons there, too. You can also try a swim camp with your other child. I’ve had friends whose kids loved those! 0 Likes

Denise posted June 12, 2019

We’re not in Hollywood, but in Mar Vista we go to KidSwim. My kids love it so much that last summer we were scheduling double lessons (two lessons in a row) so that they got more time in the water. Highly recommend! Started taking my kiddos when the younger one was 2 and a half. The older one was 4. 0 Likes

Jessica posted June 13, 2019

So we took our son to swim class at six months old and you'll be surprised, they are actually better swimmers at a young age. It's never too early! In LA, there is the Swimming Academy and also the YMCAs offer awesome swim classes all year round. 0 Likes