Things to do with little kids in Lancaster!

My daughter, mother, and I just moved to the Lancaster area (in California) and we want to find some fun things to do on weekends that are kid-friendly! My daughter is four. Has anyone been anywhere fun around here? Thanks, mommies!

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Arie posted June 10, 2019

It’s not in Lancaster, but it’s super close - the Gentle Barn is so much fun! It’s in Santa Clarita. They have pigs, horses, so many animals! My twins were in heaven running around and pointing at the cows saying “moo!” We have lots of fun pictures. Try to go on a day that’s not too hot though, because it’s all outdoors. One of the few kid activities that didn’t bore me out of my mind. 1 Like

Jaclyn posted June 10, 2019

This might depend on your kiddo - some kids are super well-behaved in museums and some hate them and run around screaming! If your daughter likes art, though, you should check out the Lancaster Museum of Art and History. The art is more contemporary, so I think that makes it more interesting to kids. It would be perfect for a child who is starting to go through an artist stage! My son always comes home from museums wanting to make lots of drawings for me. It’s very sweet. 1 Like

Leah posted June 11, 2019

Billy Beez is great in Santa Clarita, and the season passes to Six Flags are reasonable if you purchase during their fall sale. My 3.5 yr old LOVES the children's section and I don't see her outgrowing it anytime soon. Jethawks games at The Hangar are another local hit for my kiddo. Imagine City in Palmdale is fun, and there is an indoor trampoline park in the mall. 1 Like

Jill posted September 10, 2019

We have been going to The Barber Family Farm which is a petting zoo and they offer horse back riding too. The animals are well taken care of and the owners like sharing their stories - most of the animals are rescues! My children love learning about the animals and we try to go once a month to visit them and show then some love. 0 Likes