Sensory bin ideas for children with Autism?

My child has mild autism and I'm trying to find some sensory items to use in a bin for her to interact with for a long time. I try play-doh but she gets bored of it.

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Wing posted September 30, 2019

Try small grains (i.e. sand, rice, pasta). Children, not only autistic, love the feeling of hundreds of small pieces sliding between their fingers. You can also add water to it to make it more interesting 0 Likes

Veera posted September 30, 2019

Water beads! They are super cheap and the are slippery and fun to play with. They also come in rainbow colors! Make sure to buy the ones that are safe for children though in case your little one swallows any! 0 Likes

Aundria posted October 1, 2019

I would recommend a small container or bowl of uncooked beans or rice. 0 Likes