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What to gift for a male baby shower?

Throwing a casual gathering/baby shower for one of our friends, but not sure what to gift him. Don't want to gift anything that he and his wife would prefer to select themselves, anyone have any ideas??

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Blanca posted September 24, 2019

Yes, do a gift card shower only. On the invite explain only gift cards you will be surprised how many people will be excited that they dont have to pick up gifts. 2 Likes

Addy posted September 25, 2019

Gift cards worked out great. We also bought some small baby items from Target to fill a gift bag: Sophie the Giraffe, and a fake grass bottle dryer rack 1 Like

Maureen posted September 29, 2019

Diapers are the absolute perfect gift that will definitely be used and appreciated. I love the brands Huggies and Pampers. You can also throw in a jumbo box of brand named wipes, un-scented. Provide a gift receipt in case they have a preference on brands. Great Baby Shower Gift! 0 Likes

Angela posted September 30, 2019

Agree with the diapers and wipes as great baby shower gifts! Diapers are not cheap and it does add up with all the other costs being spent, so being gifted a whole bunch of diapers and wipes would really be useful for parents. 0 Likes

Maggie posted September 30, 2019

Gift registries are the best way to ensure parents get what they need. If you buy something not on the gift registry, make sure to include a gift receipt ;) 1 Like

Trinity posted October 11, 2019

Usually, the expecting parents only receive one car seat, but if the family has two cars, they'll need and appreciate two. I'd gift them with a really nice car seat and include the gift receipt in case they would like to exchange it for a specific model/design they have already seen. It will be a great gift! 0 Likes