Disciplining your child

I need some tips on how to discipline my daughter (13 months) when she does something wrong, I’m not sure how to come about correcting her. I sometimes snap but then I realize she doesn’t understand what I’m trying to tell her. I just need tips please help

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Michele posted December 10, 2020

Your child is 13 months she is too young to always understand your words the least amount of words possible is the best I would say no thank you and redirect a child and I would do it as many times as needed take care hope this helps 1 Like

Lucrece posted December 11, 2020

I would suggest really getting excited for the things she is doing correct (or the desired behavior) not putting to much emphasis on the problematic behaviors. She will want to please you and She will learn quickly what is expected of her. 0 Likes

Michelle posted December 11, 2020

Redirecting is a good idea. Making her space and yours child proof will help a great deal. My home has been child proof since I had my daughter 14 years ago. So there’s very little a kid can do to upset me. She’s gonna do things wrong, she a little scientist and the world is her lab. With only 13 months on the job, she just needs time, guidance and lots of hugs, kisses and encouragement. 0 Likes

Luebutar posted December 15, 2020

She is at an age where she will start absorbing everything around her, children understand at that age but you have to start guiding her and teaching her right from wrong. 13 months isn't a discipline age but more of a teaching stage. Mom you have to be a little patience and as long as you keep talking to her and teaching her she will absorb it and do the right thing. 0 Likes

Vanessa posted December 16, 2020

Thank you for all the great tips so far I’ve absorb everything you ladies have told me and I’ve been doing much better with redirecting her in the things she should do. Thank you 0 Likes

Rozik posted December 30, 2020

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Rozik posted December 30, 2020

kids that age don't understand the reason so try to calm her down by distracting her by something else or make funny face 0 Likes

Raashiyda posted January 2, 2021

You’ve gotten some great advice. I have an 11 month old boy and I have to say it is very obvious that he understands what he is doing. His common sense is not my common sense obviously but I talk to him just as I would any individual. I calmly tell him what he’s doing wrong , why it is wrong and how it makes me feel. He’ll either smile or roll his eyes. I believe at this young age he has already made up his mind that he is going to have his own mind. Babies are far smarter than what they receive credit for. I once read babies learn more in the first year than humans learn in their entire lives. If we think of it, it’s true even something as little as eye contact. When is it too much or just enough. I am big on accountability, I think this is something children should learn early. It’s important we are held accountable for our actions. So in an age appropriate and loving way, if he does something I feel is wrong, I simply say, now you know I asked you not to do that, it is not safe for you to do that. And love, love conquers all. The baby keeps hitting, I keep hugging and kissing that baby until baby sees their actions are going unnoticed therefore it is not necessary. Wasting energy that can be used on something we both can relate to and that’s love. My advice is accountability and love. 1 Like

Lateefah posted January 7, 2021

The child learns and notices from your reaction he can understand and act like you through your face’s reaction and your voice if you are happy or sad from him just talks to him like you talk to adult and if he doesn’t respond show him you’re not please from him preventing him to do anything for 2 or 3 minutes even if he cries or screams or object in any other ways just be patient to understand that you’re upset and his actions aren’t right until he knows that you want him to correct or do the right thing . He has to know that there is different between the right and wrong thing and to apologize beside to do the right thing . 0 Likes

Lateefah posted January 7, 2021

Trying to talk to him all the time 0 Likes

Nikki posted January 7, 2021

Try Conscious Parenting it teaches you to relax before you act, while respecting your child and his rights as a human being. It teaches us not to impose our trauma from our childhood upbringing on our children. 1 Like

Victoria posted January 19, 2021

Although we may think kids don’t understand words, I believe they understand our tone and feel our energy. It’s great to distract and redirect them into better behavior but I would keep trying to communicate. 0 Likes

Judy posted January 27, 2021

I would go to Hod in prayer and just keep trying different things. You can always incorporate foods that she likes with other foods that have the nutrients. 0 Likes

Judy posted January 27, 2021

I mean God in prayer. 0 Likes