How's everyone keeping their kiddos social?

Hey mamas! Hope everyone's hanging in there. I'm worried because I've been home watching my kiddo meaning she's not going to daycare and socializing how she normally would! Do you set up Zoom playdates or what? I'm so lost!

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Naya posted June 25, 2020

Keisha -- it's tough!! Esp with only one child. I have tried a few Zoom playdates and they're fun... but obvioulsy don't last very long... short attn spans. While I don't usually like giving my baby a ton of screen time I've found that interactive vids really help! Not the same, but something. 1 Like

Charlotte posted June 25, 2020

Ditto! Not sure what your relationship is like with your neighbors, but we all laid out some guidelines about our kiddos playing together outside so we can all be on the same Quaran-team. It's seemed to work socially :) they've grown a lot closer. 1 Like

Judith posted July 16, 2020

that sounds like a good idea 0 Likes