I’m worried because my daughter seems to have some delays, advice?

She’s 2 y.o and has limited communication, does not interact much with other children, and takes part in minimal play. I know she needs to be evaluated but I’m trying to prepare myself. Can other mamas share some of their experiences?

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Glennon posted June 9, 2020

Find a supportive community and try not to be embarrassed or afraid to talk about it. You don’t know what the outcome will be but there are so many parents out there who are going through the same things! Hang in there <3 0 Likes

Brit posted June 9, 2020

I know it seems developmental but it could be anything. Get her evaluated ASAP for your peace of mind but also so you know if something’s up!! Everything will be okay :) 0 Likes

Meghan posted June 16, 2020

I wouldn’t worry about her not interacting with other children. Kids don’t learn to play together until 3 or 4. For communication, how many words is she speaking? Is she able to communicate what she wants to you? As long as she can follow directions I wouldn’t worry about it. 0 Likes

Susan posted June 16, 2020

Babies can’t wait is a good start before she turns 3. Give them a call 0 Likes

Michele posted June 16, 2020

Look for lack of eye contact, indifference to others, over sensitivity to sensory issues. Although it may not be the case sometimes there can be indications of ASD or PDD. Only a dr or therapist specialized in diagnosis and assessments will be qualified to tell you. And girls are often overlooked as it’s much more prevalent in boys. But either way it’s all going to be good. I have one Autistic Son and I have a Nuro typical daughter and a Nuro typical son. And they are all equally spectacular.And if you find out something that you’re unsure of later on, you can always contact me as I worked with special needs kids in three different states and with the regional centers for over 20 years. Not to mention raised my own. But time is of the essence, The biggest mistakes parents make is waiting. Early diagnosis allows early behavior modification which provides so much better results and an easier time for parents in the long run and their children 0 Likes

Michelle posted June 16, 2020

I so agree with the lady answering above... Doctor 1st who will then recommend where to get evaluation. 0 Likes

Aliza posted June 17, 2020

Same issue with my 2 year old on speech delay. Got referral from our dr and he just started speech therapy 2 weeks ago. Already seeing an improvement! The younger they are the more progress they can make so don’t wait!! I waited 4 months and I wish I hadn’t he would probably be speaking by now. 0 Likes

Sherell posted June 18, 2020

I have had this issue with children I have babysit for. Your child my feel like they do not want to talk, because people do not understand them. It makes them not want to try. I always try to understand what they are saying, and help them say words correctly. I break down words by the syllables like apple: ap ple, then say the whole word. If it is a one syllable word, have them sound it out. When they get it right, congraulate them. If they get it wrong explain it's okay, they did good, and you understood what they were trying to say. Sometimes, I act like I know, I have no idea, they are trying to explain a part in a movie to me or something like that, I just say oooh okay, or really. Kids like to be congraulated and felt like they are doing good. They are still figuring things out and positive reinforsments are good. I had one kid we were able to fix his speech within a few months, and his interactions with others were better. It's not that the parent could not afford speech classes. It just took to long for the evaluations, waiting for the results, and the time it took to get an appointment, by the time they were to start the first appointment he was okay. He was 3 years old. 1 Like