Daily Daycare Schedules

I have been a childcare provider for almost 20 years and a daily schedule helps a whole lot and it gets the child ready for school when they know it's time to play/learn and have meals or snack and nap time and plus it makes the day go by faster when there is program in place. Structure is very important for your child to do well in school. What are your favorite parts of your daycare's daily schedule?

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Raven posted August 20, 2019

I always love doing circle time with my kiddos! They get so excited singing our days of the week song! 1 Like

Lyla posted August 20, 2019

I think my favorite activity that we do at my WeeCare are all of the art activities! I love getting to send the parents all of the photos of what we're making during the day :) 1 Like

Raven posted November 13, 2019

Another tip I'd add for planning out your daycare is buying new supplies and furniture quarterly. I get all of mine from the childcare depot website, and it's good prices and they have pretty good customer service too. 0 Likes