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When is the right age for pull-up diapers?

When is the right age to start putting my little one in pull-up diapers? My son is 18 months and we just started potty training.

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Lila posted October 14, 2019

We waited until our daughter was about 2, but she was really well potty trained and she has always been pretty mature for her age. She also didn’t like them at first - it took maybe 3 weeks for her to get used to them. 0 Likes

Mia posted October 14, 2019

My son was fully potty trained when he started with pull-ups, but mainly because they’re just more expensive than regular diapers, and we didn’t want to waste the money if he didn’t really need them yet. 0 Likes

Daisha posted October 15, 2019

The day I started potty training was the day I started pull-up every time my daughter or son who go pee pee in the potty I wil make it a two minute celebration when I I started the pull up I would get they favorite cartoon character and make that a fun big deal also 0 Likes

Joyce posted October 15, 2019

There's no right or wrong age and we kind of just went along with instinct, and looking out for signs that our kiddo was ready for pull-ups. The transition over was pretty smooth. We were teaching our kiddo to be involved and helping out, so he got excited with the motion of pulling up and down. It made him feel as though he was learning to be a big boy all on his own. It's important to make them feel like they are becoming independent and making their own choices. Accidents are gonna happen but it's all about learning something new and making it a routine. 0 Likes

Diane posted October 22, 2019

When the child starts showing interest in going potty and is willing I put underwear with a pull-up over. They still get the feel of underwear but are protected while learning to go potty. 0 Likes

Aundria posted October 22, 2019

A child understands the concept of going to the restroom and using the toilet at 2 1/2 years old, so it is a good idea to start at that age with pull ups. Just be aware that children can't fully control their bladder until past age 5,so accidents will still occur. 0 Likes

AnnMarie posted October 22, 2019

Children need to understand they are entering a new phase 0 Likes

AnnMarie posted October 22, 2019

--a new way of doing things. Therefore, I put a pull-up on my children, the very first time they sit on a potty chair or toilet. For the child to use the potty, and then put back on a traditional disposable diaper (pamper, huggie, etc.) 0 Likes

AnnMarie posted October 22, 2019

, is sending a mixed message. Does Mommy want me to use the potty, or keep peeing in my diaper. Putting on a pull-up, and having the child pull it up and down, reinforces the transition, that we are transitioning into a "big boy" or "big girl". It lets the child know also that you have a new expectation of him or her. 1 Like

Jasmine posted October 22, 2019

As soon as you or they are ready to potty train. I started at 18 months with pull ups but was training at 15 months 0 Likes

Tasha posted October 25, 2019

Most say 18 - 24 months, however children have to be physiologically ready. Depending on the child, some may show signs of readiness at 3 or older. If you feel that your child is getting older and it’s a concern, I’d consult with my child’s physician. 0 Likes