How to stop my toddler from biting kids at daycare!

My kid is 2 and he keeps on getting reports from his teacher that he bites others when he wants something that someone else has. I never witness it because we don't really have other friends with kids his age. So I don't know what to do.

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Elle posted September 30, 2019

1st thing you should do is try to talk to him & let me him know that biting hurts & that it's not ok. Then you can show him by example and pretend to bite yourself and show him that it hurts. Finally, it will definitely help to show empathy after the fact so that he understands to care for others. 0 Likes

Laura posted September 30, 2019

Ask the teacher to immediately move him away from the situation after she shows teaches her lesson. By moving him to another area where he won't have access to what he wants, may show him that it's not ok to continue to bite or else he won't get what he wants. 0 Likes

Leah posted October 11, 2019

I would check with the daycare to ensure they have an adequate amount of toys as your toddler may be biting because another child has something he wants. Also close supervision while in care can help reduce these situations. He is biting for a reason and being that it doesn't happen while you are present, the child care provider's feedback will be valuable in identifying why he is biting. 0 Likes