When can I start using a baby sling?

My husband wants to begin using a baby sling for our 4 month old and I don't know if it's too early or if that's the best route to take. I'm scared it may be bad for my baby's posture. Opinions?

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Lorena posted August 5, 2019

I personally find that baby slings are not as supportive as baby carriers. I would suggest buying one and carrying it around for a few days and if you don't like it, return it. Honestly you won't know how your kiddo likes it OR even how YOU like it before you try and see! 0 Likes

Lexie posted August 5, 2019

I would say not to worry about your baby's posture in a sling, its supposed to support you baby like a hammock. But I would say that a baby carrier (similar to backpacks but for the front) are more easy on the back. 0 Likes

Aimee posted August 9, 2019

A baby sling is typically made of soft fabric and can be a safe if you follow safety guidelines. This is because a baby sling can become a suffocation hazard to an infant, especially those younger than age 4 months since their neck muscles are weak and they can't control their heads. If you do decide to use a sling, just make sure you read the instructions carefully, and know the minimum weight required. Always keep your baby's airways unobstructed. Make sure your baby's face isn't covered by the sling or your body. If you pick up something while holding your baby in a sling, make sure you bend your knees - this will help keep your baby settled securely in the sling. Be alert for any wear and tear over time. 0 Likes