Opinions on the Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy?

Does anyone know of a good teething toy? I see a lot of my parent friends use the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy, but does it really work?

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Millie posted July 24, 2019

I think the giraffe is the most amazing thing created! It is soft and squeaks. My baby loves it because it makes her laugh everything she bites it. And it's so easy to clean too, i just run a hot cloth over it to clean it every night before bed and leave it out to dry. 0 Likes

Patty posted July 24, 2019

Yes! The Sophie Giraffe is amazing! I have tried so many other teethers and it's so far the best one my boy likes. If you are looking for an alternative, I also soak sponges in water and place them in a zip lock bag, freeze it & defrost them a bit before i let my kiddo put it in his mouth. I know it's not the most eco-friendly but it is a quick fix when he's really frustrated because the cold really relaxes his gums. 0 Likes

Jackie posted July 29, 2019

I agree my little one loves Sophie the Giraffe! I was relieved to learn it is made from natural rubber. When I was doing my research on what to buy, the most important thing I found is that teething toys should be made from safe materials like natural wood, natural rubber or natural silicone. The only down side would potentially be if your child has a latex allergy, in that case another natural material would be a better option. 0 Likes

Brooke posted August 13, 2019

I love Sophie The Giraffe, we bought the So Pure Teething Ring and the So Pure Coloring Teether. We love them! They are super soft and comforting. We started with the traditional freezer teething rings and frozen fruit, however they just weren’t as effective and the fruit is not good due to the sugar resting directly on their gums. You should definitely try them out, your baby will thank you! 0 Likes