Best natural brands for baby products?

I’m seven months pregnant and I’ve been super careful about what products I use - no hair dye or chemical nail polish, only natural lotions and soaps, etc. Now I’m worried about what to use on my baby in a few months. There are so many awful products out there. Any recommendations of brands you trust with your baby?

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Kelly posted July 29, 2019

Avoid any products that have ingredients like mineral oil, parabens or talc which is found in some baby powders. Look for good natural options like California Baby. But read the ingredients - lots of brands that market as natural are anything but. In truth, pretty much any baby powder can be dangerous too because the particles can be harmful to a baby’s lungs. 0 Likes

Erica posted July 29, 2019

One of my daycare moms raves about a diaper balm from a brand called Earth Mama. 0 Likes

Mantha posted July 29, 2019

It’s a good call to go as natural as possible but a better rule is to avoid dyes, fragrances and chemicals across the board. I know essential oils are really big right now and moms are opting to use them instead of everything from aspirin to diaper cream, but this could be a big mistake. Some of these are very fragrant and can be irritating to your baby’s skin. Plus, not all are created equal and lots of essential oils have other added ingredients that aren’t safe for babies. Since you don’t know what your baby may have an allergy to, avoid altogether, at least until they’re a bit older. Even then - do some research. 0 Likes

Trinity posted August 1, 2019

There are so many great alternatives these days, I'm so glad we have more options. Initially I started off using all baby products that my parents used when I was but a child. The following are some products that I hope you find helpful in your search:

For Diapering: Pampers’ Aqua Pure Wipes Pampers’ Aqua Pure Wipes are 99-percent water. That other one percent is gentle cleansers with PH-balancing ingredients. Pampers also a line of Pure Diapers with no chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens or latex.

Stroller: Greentom Classic Stroller. This stroller is made from over 99-percent recycled materials, and it has incredible versatility. The basic model comes with a regular stroller seat, but you can buy a seat that’s reversible or a bassinet to use from birth and it only weighs 15 lbs.

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger: This is the perfect spot for your baby to relax after a hard day of eating, exploring and napping. The Snuggle Me’s soft, organic cotton cover hugs your little one on all sides creating the best kind of coziness.

Once Upon a Farm Baby Food: When you don’t have time to make your own baby food, Once Upon a Farm may be the next best thing. These organic fruit and veggie blends are cold-pressed rather than heat-processed, which helps them retain nutrients. There’s never any additives, preservatives, pre-processed purees or juice concentrates and the blends come in recyclable, BPA and PVC-free
packaging. Note: They have to be refrigerated.