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My little one came home from childcare with a scrape on his knee!

We placed my son in daycare about three weeks ago. I felt very lucky with the spot he was able to get, and confident that the teachers at his daycare were more than adequate. However, he came home today with a pretty big scrape on his knee. When I asked him what happened, he said he was running outside and fell. I was relieved that it was just an accident and that it wasn’t a problem with one of the other kids, but shouldn’t the teachers have said something about it to me? It was a big scrape. Probably almost three inches long. Not sure if I should wait and see if they bring it up or say something about it tomorrow morning when I drop him off.

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Gloria posted June 14, 2019

Eek! That’s one of the scariest things as a momma! We always want to feel like our kids are safe and happy wherever they are, so it’s really tough when something happens to them - even though every kid scrapes their knee at one point or another. My daughter’s knees basically always have bandaids on them because she’s always running around haha. Was your son’s teacher really busy at pickup time? Maybe that is why it was never brought up? Another thing I’m wondering is if the scratch was bare or if the teacher had put a bandaid on it already. Whether or not she noticed would be a big thing for me! 0 Likes

Sara posted June 14, 2019

You should talk to her about it as soon as possible. Nothing makes people pay attention to your little one like them knowing you’re paying attention to them! I’m interested to know if she brought it up the next morning though. What ended up happening with it? 0 Likes

Nikki posted June 16, 2019

Proper supervision and safety precautions such as treating a Child's wound that was obtained while in a providers care is an extremely important issue that warrants accountability. I wonder with such a bad injury to your son's knee, and he probably displayed emotion, tears, and could it be overlooked by the staff? For him to go all day with a stinging and burning boo boo that only he knew about is very heart breaking for me :( There should be proper protocol in place which means after first aid was administered, the Director notified, followed by mom and dad being updated about the injury prior to pick up. Most CCP are in constant contact with their parents throughout the day via Apps such as the one here with WeeCare or communication letters in the cubby at pick up. This sounds very alarming and there needs to be dialogue and accountability right away to safely move forward. 1 Like

Maggie posted July 14, 2019

I would definitely bring it up to the daycare director's attention. My daycare provider gives boo boo reports to notify parents if there was an accident, especially if there's a scratch or scrape. When my son started at the daycare, I let the director know I'd rather be over notified than not enough. 0 Likes

Melissa posted January 11, 2020

Was he wearing pants and did he notify a teacher maybe perhaps he fell and got back up andBo one saw him fall andHe didn’t say anything ? I always notifyParents of any scrapes or booboos but if they do it and I did t happen to see it nor do they say anything Then ;( but yes maybe it simply slipped teachers mind if super busy at pick up . Hope he’s ok 0 Likes

Liliana posted August 16, 2020

Always.. always.. "Documenting" and communication for both ways.. 0 Likes