Vaccines: Pros vs. Cons!

Okay, so I know this is a big topic, but I’m wondering what your honest thoughts are on vaccines. I’ve read so much on both sides, but I’m kind of afraid to talk to my mom friends about it. Do you vaccinate your children, and why or why not?

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Christine posted June 5, 2019

I do. My mom always made sure I was vaccinated for all of the essentials as a kid, and I think it’s almost a responsibility of parents to vaccinate their children. By vaccinating your kiddo, you’re protecting your child, but you’re also protecting other children whose parents don’t have the resources to vaccinate them. Extremely important to do! 2 Likes

Liz posted June 5, 2019

Personally, I don’t see the point in vaccinating my son - especially when the things they want to vaccinate him for are basically extinct! Waste of time, money, and vaccines are full of lots of harmful chemicals and can have harsh side effects for some people. 1 Like

Addy posted June 10, 2019

I've read a lot of scary online articles about vaccinations, but I have never personally experienced them, neither has anyone else I have ever known. I would ask your pediatrician (even if we all know what their answer is going to be), and see if there are any tests they can perform to identify any possible future issues. 0 Likes