Should I let my toddler drink soda?

I’ve been very careful to make sure my twins really only have healthy food. When we go out, they get a glass of water or milk (rarely juice), and their diet is very healthy. I’m proud of it! But they spent some time with my sister and their older cousins yesterday and I found out they gave my little ones soda, which (no surprise) they loved. Should I nip this in the bud? Is it something that is unavoidable? And are there any sodas that I specifically shouldn’t let them have?

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Kaylie posted June 5, 2019

Soda really isn’t good for anyone, but especially kids, because it has a lot of addictive qualities. Starting them on soda young means they’ll probably get hooked to it very quickly, which isn’t healthy, and also means they will want to drink soda instead of healthier drinks like water, milk, or even juice. Diet sodas aren’t any better because the chemicals that replace the sugars aren’t good for kids either. Would not recommend it. 2 Likes

Mora posted June 5, 2019

If you can nip it in the bud, I would, but it might be hard because soda will keep coming up at parties, movie theaters, restaurants - basically everywhere - forever! Like you said, there are some sodas that are worse than others. If your kids are going to have soda, at least make sure it’s soda that doesn’t have caffeine. Sprite, root beer, ginger ale, or most of the fruit punch drinks that they have at restaurants are caffeine free. Avoid Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and all of the diet versions of these drinks, too. They’re full of caffeine - something kids neither need nor is good for them! 1 Like

Isaac posted June 9, 2019

Although I do understand the concern, I'm generally against saying to no anything outright with no exceptions. Effort is best spent enforcing good, consistent habits rather than worrying about bad, infrequent ones. As long as you provide your child with a healthy diet and the opportunity for physical activity, and I don't see the harm in having some soda here and there. 0 Likes