Is it appropriate to paint a child's nails?

I give myself a fresh manicure every week or two, and my daughter (5) and son (2) like to sit with me and watch. I’m almost surprised it took them this long, but today my daughter asked me if I could paint her nails, too, and then as soon as she wanted that, so did my son. I told them I’d think about it. How do you moms feel about painting your kiddos’ nails? Am I making too big of a deal about it? Do they allow kids to have their nails painted at preschool?

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Mary posted June 5, 2019

I’ve painted my kids’ nails for years. My daughter likes pink nails, my son likes to have different color patterns. I think it’s fun. Wouldn’t worry about it. I would, however, warn against having other kids’ nails painted. We have a weekly nail appointment and my son comes with me, so one week he had a friend come home from preschool with us and the friend came to the nail appointment with us. The manicurist normally does my son’s nails super quickly and at a reduced rate and it makes him happy. I felt like we couldn’t have his done and not have his friend’s done, so she did his friend’s nails too. BIG MISTAKE! Later that night, I got a call from his friend’s dad and he was furious! So yeah, painting your own kids’ nails is no big deal. But be careful painting other kids nails! 0 Likes

Alex posted June 5, 2019

My family is a bit conservative, so we never allowed our kids to wear nail polish until they were about 12. To me, it’s a type of makeup, and I wouldn’t want my children wearing makeup until they’re a bit older. I don’t really think it’s appropriate for younger kids. Just my opinion, though! 0 Likes
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