Today I decided to introduce you to a couple of useful games for the whole family😊

They are aimed at harmonizing child-parent relations and developing the child's self-esteem. ⠀

■ COLLABORATIVE DRAWING (from an early age)⠀
• You can play around the table or on the floor. ⠀
• Spread out a large drawing paper or a piece of Wallpaper and glue it with paper tape to the surface. ⠀

1️ ⃣ option (INTERESTING): distribute who will be what artistic material. The father can be a wax crayon, the child can be a watercolor, and the mother can be colored pencils or pastels.
2️ ⃣ OPTION (Simplified): draw with the same artistic material, distributing colors among themselves. ⠀
*️⃣Do not be surprised that the child will want to change - it's interesting to feel in the place of others! ⠀
• Draw your own drawing, but on a common sheet. It will be great if you can create a complete image, but it's not terrible if everyone works in their own way, or you get an abstraction. Your task is to find what unites the drawing. ⠀
❇This is the drawing portrait of the dynamics of your family - feel its value. ⠀
🌿 What will this game tell your child? That everyone in this family is a separate person, and together you are one creative team. ⠀
🌿 And also about how different you can be, but how you complement each other. ⠀

■ Follow ME (from 4 years old)⠀
• The presenter (parent or child) draws the image in parts. ⠀
• After each line or fragment, it shows its drawing to others for a while, allowing them to copy it. ⠀
• Only the host knows what will happen in the end. ⠀
• At the end, compare the results of all participants and discuss what is similar and what is not. ⠀
🌿 What does this game teach your child? Take the initiative, feel yourself in the role of Creator and leader, your significance and value. ⠀
🌿 And this game teaches trust, not only the child, but also the parent. ⠀

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