Playground replacements?

I feel so bad that I can't take my kiddos to a playground, especially because we live in a city. Any ideas for how to get creative with urban playgrounds since we don't have access to our neighborhood park one?

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Cacau posted July 14, 2020

Do you have sidewalks that you can draw on with chalk? It's not the same thing but it still gets them outside! 0 Likes

Kris posted July 14, 2020

I suggest doing some outdoor activites like jumproping or a water table! If you don't have room for them since you live in a city, I'd try getting in touch with a neighbor, that's what I did :) 0 Likes

Leslie posted July 14, 2020

Fun outdoor activities such as playing soccer, basketball, water balloon fights, drawing on the sidewalks with chalk, riding a bike, that's one of the best ways! Or just let them go buckwild in the backyard and let them do their own thing! :) 0 Likes

Safan posted August 3, 2020

build a fort, create and area where they can run a jump safely, it safer to stay inside or take them to and area where there is not a lot of people 0 Likes

Firoza posted September 5, 2020

Going for a simple walk in the neighborhood, naming the things around you, observing people and nature...all these gives you (and children) stimulations and fresh air.... 0 Likes

Maria posted September 24, 2020

Fun autdoor activities de things around you observing people and nature all these gives you and children stimulations and fresh air. 0 Likes