Books and toys with multicultural characters?

Hey mamas! I’m realizing that it’s way more difficult to find multicultural books and toys out there, but representation is really important to my husband and I so we’re looking for any suggestions!

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Holly posted June 18, 2020

You should check out the #OwnVoices initiative if you haven’t yet! Corinne Duyvis coined the term to "recommend kidlit about diverse characters written by authors from that same diverse group." Lots of great books fall under that category :) 0 Likes

Theresa posted June 18, 2020

I Never Forget a Face is an awesome memory game that has multicultural faces! Friends and Neighbors is great as well and leans more towards teaching kids emotions. 0 Likes

Tia posted June 22, 2020

Try discount school supply. They have some reasonably price toys for block play and pretend play. But it can get a little pricey for some of the books because they come in sets but toys can be found on there 0 Likes

Tia posted June 22, 2020

Try scholastics books to 0 Likes