■ This is the satisfaction of the Sucking reflex: it appears before birth, disappears by 1.5-3 years (according to some studies, later). ⠀
🌿 If the baby constantly keeps his fingers or fists in his mouth, it should be applied to the breast more often or extend the feeding time. ⠀

■ Sucking, squeezing and looking at the fists and fingers - normal development of fine motor skills of a child in 2-4 months. ⠀

■ This is a way to have fun, escape from discomfort, or calm down. ⠀
🌿 Put your baby to your chest on demand, and when they get older, teach them to calm down in other ways: gently distract and occupy their hands, hug them, and speak their emotions. ⠀
❌ Prohibitions, punishments, and abrupt pulling of hands from the mouth can lead to neurotic reactions! ⠀

■ the child relieves Itching and pain in the gums when teething. ⠀
🌿 Keep rodents and teethers close to your little Nibbler. ⠀

■ this is how the baby learns the world. The baby's mouth is filled with a huge number of receptors, and the lips and tongue are the most sensitive parts of the newborn's body. At 6-7 months, the child begins to use his tongue and lips confidently. To understand the world, the baby literally needs to feel the taste. ⠀
❌ In this regard, constant sucking of the nipple can interfere with this process. ⠀
❌ Strictly prohibit the child from taking objects in his mouth - inhibit research and development. ⠀

■ the child's immune System gets acquainted with the useful and harmful bacteria that fill the world around them. This happens during breastfeeding, when the mother's milk protects the baby from many dangers. ⠀

❗ ️ When to worry and contact a specialist: ⠀
📍 a child over 3 years old and sucking a finger is the only way To calm down or relieve tension. Perhaps your child lacks attention and emotional connection to you, or problems in the entire family system contribute to this.

The habit faded and suddenly reappeared. Your child may have experienced an emotional shock that triggered such a response from the nervous system.

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