How to introduce a newborn to a dog?

I'm pregnant and we're expecting our first baby soon, we have a large dog and are worried about how he's going to do with her. How did you introduce your baby to your dog? I'm really nervous!

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Miranda posted September 22, 2020

Before you show the dog your baby, let him smell some baby blankets/cloths/etc. to get him used to the scent. Then just do it really slowly, maybe with a gate in between?? 0 Likes

Jomayra posted September 22, 2020

I wouldn't be super nervous unless your dog has a history of being rough...then just do it real slow and make sure your baby is safe 0 Likes

Kayla posted September 24, 2020

We have a pitbull who was our baby before, so we were worried about jealousy and her not knowing how to be gentle. We introduced them as soon as we brought baby home like this: one parent stay in car with baby, other parent greet dog and let them smell the babies hat or used onsie. Then we put the dog outside while we brought baby in and got situated. Let dog in- one parent holding baby, other parent watching dog. After dog smelled the baby and was good we gave her a new toy as a gift "from the baby". It went very well! The only time we have trouble is when people come over and go right to the baby, that makes her jealous so she starts to jump on everyone. We ask guests to greet the dog first and it's gone much better since then! Just be confident your dog will sense the love you have for the baby, it will be fine!! 0 Likes

Byron posted September 25, 2020

We took our baby’s onesie and blanket and put it in our dogs bed the day before we brought our newborn home. The next day our dog smelled the baby, went back to smell the blanket in her bed and knew this new person was part of the family. 0 Likes

Juliet G Greta Kabukuor posted September 28, 2020

Don't be nervous, it's not healthy in your condition .Almost all dogs are friendly to children,love and protect them.The main thing is to pay attention to the dog,so that there is no jealousy and the dog does not feel unnecessary 0 Likes

Alessia posted November 4, 2021

We took baby's clothes and put in our dog bed during my days in the hospital. When we came home, I went inside our apartment and cuddle my dog and then we went all outside and take a walk together. in the park we let her to smell our baby. You have to pay attention when your baby will start crawling or walking, you have to "protect" your dog if the baby is bothering him so your dog knows that you still cares about him. Now they are friends and we have a pitbull. 0 Likes