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What kinds of questions do you ask when you’re touring daycares?

I’m starting to search for childcare for my first baby and would love to hear what kinds of questions I should be asking as I tour different daycares. Thx!

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Karen posted June 17, 2020

Safety questions were the most important for me. Are the teachers CPR-certified? Do they receive regular training? What’s the staff to child ratio? 0 Likes

Tessa posted June 17, 2020

Make sure you know the daycare’s sick policy because how they respond to illness is important and also you need to plan ahead. Ask about curriculum and care style too but that probably goes without saying. 0 Likes

Jeannine posted June 17, 2020

How long the person have provided cafe and do they have any reference. 0 Likes

Aliza posted June 17, 2020

Ask if they accept sick kids. And if they don’t do you still have to pay for your spot (which is WeeCare’s policy). Ask about daily schedules and if they will keep in place your baby’s napping and eating schedule. Ask what their kid to teacher ratio is. 4 is low, 6 is average and 8 is high. 1 Like

Michele posted June 18, 2020

Teachers education level and experience. Staff ratio, and cpr and safety training. 0 Likes

Lillian posted June 19, 2020

Think of what is important to you in a daycare, based on that you will ask questions. If you need to be at work by a certain time then you would ask the time they open. Even if they have hours posted on their website, many providers are flexible with start times and with closing times. 0 Likes

Denise posted July 4, 2020

Are they State licensed?
Who else lives in the home?
qualifications of provider and years of experience?
How they teach children to follow direction? What if a child does not listen?
Do they have a schedule?
That can you expect with regard to education?
Do they provide meals.
what are the precautionary measures they take with COVID 19

Liliana posted August 16, 2020

Hello, priority is to know what is the age of group in the facility, what are the age, how many teacher for group and if they have a infant program? what is the ratio for each teacher with infant? Please let me know if you need more information. I did have a child care facility in California for 14 years, I move to Lacey hopefully I will open a facility only for Infants Care:) 0 Likes

Nikia posted August 30, 2021

I like the list of questions Denise listed, I would also add if there have been any casualties during the time of the provider being licensed. 0 Likes