Any moms have experience with frustration while breastfeeding?

Ugh..I really want to breastfeed my newborn, but it’s been so stresful!! She has trouble latching, and I just get so frustrated I feel like giving it up and switching to formula. Any tips?

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Stephanie posted June 16, 2020

Its perfectly normal to feel frustrated, I went thru the same thing with my baby boy. Take breaks and remember no matter what shes gonna get whatever food she needs to grow healthy 1 Like

Lauren posted June 16, 2020

Try not to force it to much, when your frustrated, shes frustrated!! I’d call a lactation consultant and see if they can help! Not being able to latch could be cause of another issue. Hang in there mama! 1 Like

Shally posted June 16, 2020

Keep it up, eventually baby will be latching. Your position also very important for help the baby to latch. 1 Like

Lucinda posted June 18, 2020

Had the same issue. Almost gave up, then saw a consultant who recommended using a pump. Starting pumping to give baby breast milk and continued to practice latching. Eventually she got the hang of it. 1 Like

Kimberly posted June 27, 2020

sometimes babies don't nurse well. Just pump your milk into a bottle so they can get that nourishment. Then you won't have to wing them off the breast. Good Luck 0 Likes

Samira posted August 12, 2020

Hi Anita was just curious how is your breastfeeding journey going? I was very frustrated as well and almost gave up. My baby is six months and I exclusively breastfeed now too and it still can get frustrating at times. But the fact that breast milk has so many rich nutrients, can help build a strong immune system for my baby, and play a huge role in her IQ development keeps me going. At the end of the day whatever you decide it will be the best for you and your baby. 0 Likes