Need ideas for kid activity tables!

So recently I have been catching my daughter scribbling on the walls and my couch because she has just discovered "art" at her daycare. I am worried that my house will look like piece of crumbled up paper when she's done with it. I need ideas on activity tables and what she can do on them so that she doesn't use her energy toward our house walls!

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Helen posted July 17, 2019

Oh my!! My son did the same thing, I was on the phone the other day and he was behind me on the couch and when I turned around, my armrest was full of blue marker stains! What helps me is having a designated "art area" which isn't just a table but an entire area where he explore his artistic side with no limitations. How you ask?! I place a large sheet of butcher paper in the corner of my living room floor and put a table on top of it. Then i placed butcher paper on the wall behind it so that if he feels the need to want to color the walls, he can.. but only in that area. Then I only leave washable markers, stickers and Play Doh in that area :) 1 Like

Marcella posted July 17, 2019

My child is 3 and when he drew all over our walls, I made sure that he was aware that he was responsible for cleaning it up. So after then, he knew it was extremely exhausting to clean and has never done it again. haha. But I do have a new area set up for him now with lots of "washable" art supplies and he has a large art table with specific areas for his supplies. The art table has also encourage him to put supplies back where they belong! It's great! 0 Likes

Natasha posted July 18, 2019

Our 3 year old has just started writing on the walls too! We figured out she likes to do it because she can prop herself up. So we've been redirecting her to only draw on a blackboard that we got her, where she can use chalk which washes off much easier as well. 0 Likes

Amber posted July 31, 2019

I understand the struggle to keep walls, doors and furniture free from kiddie Picasso art. I purchased a great activity table for my son. Wayfair has great options to select from. Kids get excited about new things, especially when they are gifted to them. Hopefully through redirecting and a personalized activity table, your daughter will continue her creativity in her newly designated space. 0 Likes