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Tips for teaching my kids Spanish?

Hi mamas! My husband and I are Hispanic, and we would really like to raise our kids to be bilingual and speak Spanish, but it's a different experience for them than it was for my husband and I. When we grew up, our parents really only spoke Spanish. My husband and I mostly speak English at home. Do you have any tips for us to help raise our kids to speak Spanish? They're ages 3 and 4!

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Nicole posted July 5, 2019

My daughter is almost 8 and we put her on Duolingo for learning Spanish! We weren't very dedicated to teaching her when she was younger, and we didn't want it to become too late, so we've been working harder to speak more Spanish around her and reward her for using the app! 0 Likes

Amanda posted July 5, 2019

Using Spanish media and movies has worked wonders for us! Most of the Disney movies have Spanish dubbed versions. There's a wonderful version of Coco all in Spanish! I think watching a movie they're already familiar with in the Spanish version helps peak their interest. They have lots of podcasts for language learning, too! There is Coffee Break Spanish that my daughter and I do together in the car most mornings :) 0 Likes

Emma posted July 9, 2019

Speak to them every day and read to them in Spanish at night before bed! 0 Likes

Maggie posted July 14, 2019

There are lots of bilingual daycares with Spanish speaking directors. I take my 3 year old to a daycare where the program is in Spanish and plan to put him in a Spanish immersion program when he starts school. 0 Likes