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My toddler refuses to put on shoes?

Ugh. My 3yr daughter has started throwing major fits every time she needs to put shoes on. It's so annoying! It turns into a huge argument, any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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Delfina posted September 22, 2020

Haha!! I've been there mama, just let her go out without shoes, this phase will pass..just toddlers being toddlers! 1 Like

Mallory posted September 22, 2020

Try to give her a little more control by letting her put them on herself, picking where she wants to sit down, what shoes to wear, etc. Then she'll think it's her idea!! 0 Likes

Funmilayo posted September 24, 2020

I like what Mallory said about giving a little control, I’ll add maybe making her a sticker journal where she gets to pick her own stickers each time she puts her shoes on, kids love stickers. 0 Likes