My older one is so jealous of the new baby! Any suggestions?

The jealousy phase just hit my toddler HARD. She not only refuses to interact with the baby, but she also takes it out on all of us–my mom, my husband, everyone!! What can I do?!

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Ayako posted February 10, 2020

Trust me. I feel your pain. A few suggestions. Encourage the older one to be an all-star helper, read books with positive messages about siblings like “What Sisters Do Best” or “What Brothers Do Best” by Laura Numeroff, or have them spend some alone time with the baby! Good luck <3 0 Likes

Karolina posted February 10, 2020

The jealousy phase is the worst!! I just try to give my oldest really quality 1:1 time and make sure she knows how special it is to me. We snuggle and read books, and I like to let her do something “grown-up” like drink out a fancy big-girl cup or carry a purse around with a $1 bill in it. 0 Likes

Regina posted February 11, 2020

Try to keep her apart of everything you do for they baby,like can you go get they baby bottle are they baby need a blanket,or try to read a story to them both,and put both of them in your arms,and also tell her they baby sad,because big sister won’t talk to them 0 Likes

Janelle posted February 11, 2020

Ok so as a Mother and a Provider, I would suggest ro give it time but not too much time.. Then start doing things more so with the oldest and then reintroduce the baby into the family.. By both children something special but let the oldest pick it out.. Show her that she counts and that she's needed more than she knows.. 0 Likes

Catina posted February 11, 2020

Okay, I'm a mother, provider soon and in a few months will have my BA Child Psychology, my suggestion is for you all to not allow your toddler to be unkind, connect the dots right know so she will know the difference, give her her own independent such as making her own bowl of cereal they have small kid containers for milk and cereal so she want make a mess, also to activity with her and let her growth and development show, you will began to see the change in your toddler, give her one on one and group time as you read a book. This hopefully help make transition more easier for her. 0 Likes

Valjean posted February 11, 2020

Make sure she is a part of any everything baby. Also take out sometime to spend with just you and her. You can ask her what would she like to do with the baby and have her to make a little gift for the baby. 1 Like

Nelda posted February 11, 2020

I understand you completely, my son was so jealous of his sister didn’t want to share with her , for a moment I gave him more attention making him think I wasn’t giving his sister the attention he soon realized she needed time too, therefore he would encourage me to attend her as well.. so that when we’ll. 0 Likes

Tonya posted February 11, 2020

Inclusion is key & spending quality time with just her if possible ... 0 Likes