How do I help my toddler with his social skills?

Any ideas to help toddlers with their social skills? My son is an only child and we don’t send him to daycare or preschool yet. I love that I get to be home with him, but I worry about him being too shy and scared to make friends when he does start school.

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Amita posted January 28, 2020

Set up playdates with other kids around his age in your neighborhood - families you play with at the park, friends of friends or neighbors with kids, etc. You can also ask your pediatrician if they know of any playgroups, networks or other ways to connect with other parents in your area. Socializing will help your toddler avoid “only child syndrome” woes and make him comfortable with playing with others one-on-one. Most importantly, he’ll cultivate key skills he’ll later need in school (and throughout life) - like sharing, patience, cooperation and conflict resolution. 0 Likes

Sareth posted January 28, 2020

Once you connect with other families you trust, set up playdates where the other parent hosts at their house and you leave for a few hours. He’ll be scared and will likely cry at first, but stay strong. It’s vital for children his age to learn that parents have to leave, but that they always come back. This is the best defense against tears, separation anxiety and tantrums down the road. 0 Likes

Cathrene posted January 29, 2020

Set up a time you can take him to visit other daycares at plat time or circle time, preferably one you are seriously considering placing him in. After a week make arrangements for him to stay at the center for 1 to 2 hours without you. He will cry for a while but when he realize you are coming back. He will get use yo it and look forward to going. Gradually increase the stay week by week until he is settled full time. 0 Likes

K.Priyanka posted January 29, 2020

It is good to go with your kid to public play grounds and let the kid to play with other kids. If you have friends who have kids visit them. Arrange trips with them and let kids play together. Invite friends with kids to your home and leave kids to play together. 0 Likes

Gloria posted January 29, 2020

visiting parks and playgrounds with other children. role play, dram play and play dates 0 Likes

Valjean posted January 29, 2020

One way to help him with his shyness it to put him around other children. Start with play dates with children in your family are family friends children. He can't gain social skills if he's not put in place to be sociable. 0 Likes