What are some good indoor activities for my toddler?

What are some creative, small space-friendly, indoor activities to try with my 4-year-old? On rainy days or when we aren’t free to play outside, all she wants to do is play with the iPad. We’re trying to encourage her to lay off the screen a bit.

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Alyssa posted January 28, 2020

The possibilities are endless! While iPad or TV time can be great in small doses (especially if the content helps them learn), kids often become too dependent on these for entertainment. Baking can be a fun way to play together and practice counting, numbers and measurements. Give her a specific job (like stirring the batter) and a uniform (like a small or makeshift apron). Try making something easy - think cookies or cupcakes that she can help decorate. Don’t forget to make cleanup part of the “game,” too! Drawing, coloring and cardmaking are, of course, tried and true favorites if you need an activity that she can do solo. For more physical play, make up a dance-focused game or help her come up with a routine she can practice and perform for the family. You could also set up a scavenger hunt - you’ll be surprised at how much you can still do within a small space when you get creative! 0 Likes

Kiara posted January 28, 2020

My daughter was crazy about playing dress up at that age. Have you tried that? Set up a chest or bin in her room or a playroom with Halloween costumes, princess dresses, silly hats, old scarves, fabrics, jerseys or anything else kid-safe that you guys have on hand. This can keep kids occupied for hours! Especially if you join in to play with them here and there. 0 Likes

Josie posted January 28, 2020

What about playing with play dough? This is a fun, hands-on activity that she can do solo with easy clean up. If you’d rather not buy it from the store (or don’t have any on hand), there are easy homemade recipes out there. Some of them are as simple as baking soda, water and cornstarch. 0 Likes

Cathrene posted January 29, 2020

Puzzles, legos, large printed books and indoor toys. 0 Likes

K.Priyanka posted January 29, 2020

I think that there are lot of indoor activities for kids. Girls can play kitchen toys, boys can play tool table and car tracks. In common for all kids can paint pictures, create small things using colour papers and glue, play playdoo,puzzles,legos, lap tops,blocks and toys. 0 Likes

Gloria posted January 29, 2020

Mother take the ipad and repkace it with your time. There are so many teachable moments in a day. So much that you could share with her as her mommy. Create memories, arts and crafts. Began a hobby or a collection that you and her can share for a life time. Start a tradition that can be shared with 2 or 3 of her friends as they grow. every month pick a theme, a state or a country and learn about that place. Take the ipad and let your daughter grow beyond her wildest dreams 0 Likes

Valjean posted January 29, 2020

Indoor activities for rainy days. 1. You can do color hunt have name a specific color and have your child bring you something of that color. Describe a item in the house have your child find it and bring it to you. Make a story book. You can sit with your child makeup a story together then both you can draw pictures for the story book. Punch holes in the paper making a book, tie with are string and you have a forever book. Put on music and dance around. Make a tent in a room and have a pretend camping trip. 0 Likes

Christina posted January 30, 2020

It's really cool to make forts, clubhouses whtever u want to label them, by using pillows and blankets or sheets u can use card board boxes and create buses, trains or even just a good comfy reading cove, wht my little ones like to do is water play its messy I know but fun blow bubbles, and add food coloring to the water and suds, last but not least I tear up a sheet of paper with different exercises (hopping on one foot, walk fast in a circle, balance in one foot, whatever) and children pick it out of a bucket or hat anything and we each get a turn to be in the middle or lead 0 Likes

Myra posted May 6, 2020

I bake with the children 👍🏾 0 Likes

Diane posted July 6, 2021

Have them make a book out of pictures in your old magazines, then have them glue and make up a story out of the pictures they have picked. 0 Likes