Is it too early for STEM activities with my toddlers?

Do STEM activities really benefit my 8 month and 3 year old? I feel like they may be too young to actually understand what is going on.

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Delilah posted November 6, 2019

It is never too early to start exposing your child to math and science. As many baby books and parents will tell you, exposing your infant to language as much as possible helps them begin to understand the natural pauses and key words you may use during conversation. Your kids are always watching and listening! As their parent you are their greatest role model. Using this role as “chief adventure guide” encourage your kids to be more inquisitive and experimental. Reinforce natural curiosity and excite them about wonder and trying new things. While they are infants you can provide students new things to explore. The more they touch feel and explore the more they learn. As they get older you can begin providing them blocks, ramps, playdough and keep in mind that at the science exists at the simplest forms. From the way our body moves to bridge building, there are scientific elements you can teach your children. In general the more exposure the better! 0 Likes

Estefany posted November 6, 2019

When teaching your little ones, it is important to bring things down to a simpler level. Introduce your infants to new materials and items at varying states, such as a warm pack and a cold pack. This will allow them space to experiment and learn at their pace. Sensory bottles have been really great for us. We use Voss bottles and have found a few cool bottles we have prepared for our kids. We made some with metal items inside so the kids can play with magnets. There are a few really cool ones we tried with oil and things that float and alka seltzers the kids really enjoyed as well. As we are making and playing with these we sit with the kids and talk about what it happening, what we see, hear, smell, and feel. When they were little we would talk to them as they explored. It is important to make sure to emphasize simple key words while simultaneously modeling and showing them what the word means. Introducing your kids to science and the science of how things work at an early age teaches your kids to wonder, question, and encourages interest in the sciences. 0 Likes

Annabel posted November 12, 2019

It is never too early to teach infants and toddlers language or math , since they are born learning continuously and little by little exploring., life is a wonder. 1 Like

Lillian posted November 12, 2019

No, never too early. The library is a good resource. They will have books for little ones that have age appropriate materials. On science, easy example clouds, animals, seasons, weather. They will also have on engineering like bridges, sky scrapers. Machines, robots. Math, numbers, counting, comparing, contrasting. Ask the librarian, they are great! It’s all free, you can read it there or take it home. Good luck!!! 0 Likes