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What are the best places for kid-friendly hiking in San Bernardino?

I’m on the search for hiking trails in the San Bernardino area that are kid-friendly or have kid friendly paths - help! I need some suggestions from real mamas. We’re tried a few different hiking trails that have said online that they are good options for kids, but they have all been absolutely insane and NOT kid friendly at all. My kiddos end up whining and complaining the whole way and it turns our nice nature hike as a family into something that I can’t wait to be done with. Help help help.

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Sheila posted October 23, 2019

The Fish Creek trail in the San Bernardino Forest is always a go-to with my fam. Lots of trees, not too steep, and very pretty! Lot of good places that make options to stop and take a break, too, which is a must when you’re with kids. 0 Likes

Mary posted October 23, 2019

Blair Park is beautiful. It has some hills if you have kiddos that like to feel like they’re really going exploring, but it also has lots of flat ground too. I’d recommend going in the spring when it’s all green and beautiful. Have a blast with your family! 0 Likes

Kori posted October 24, 2019

Heart Rock / Seeley Creek Trail is a kid friendly hike with a nice trail grade and beautiful views. There is also a gorgeous waterfall, just watch the little ones, especially near the water and the heart shaped cliff. 0 Likes

Maggie posted October 25, 2019

Check out Martin Tudor Jurupa Hills Regional Park, my family and I love going there to hike and have a picnic after. 1 Like

Yvette posted November 5, 2019

Lytle Creek Park is also really family and kid friendly! It's a recreational park with plenty of picnic areas and a playground. There is also a community center there too which is clean, the staff are friendly, and they're always offering kid friendly activities like arts and craft. If you want to hike the trails are also very pretty, plenty of time to admire mother nature while you are there too! 1 Like