Indoor games to keep my toddlers busy on colder days?

What are some good indoor games we can play with the kids to get the wiggles out during the cold weather?

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Fernanda posted December 16, 2019

We love GoNoodle! A lot of the LA elementary schools use this now. My older son's school was using it so we learned about it and the kids really love it. You can create a free account and they have it so you can curated the age group. It is education focused but there is still plenty of fun and silliness. Our kids are digging the llama song right now. Check it out you guys will have a fun time and it keeps the kids moving and learning!" 0 Likes

Sandra posted December 16, 2019

We like to get creative at home and create challenges for our kids. We play hop scotch where we practice counting and moving simultaneously. Once my husband and I get the game started we let the kids loose to play on their own. This is fun to watch them and it gives us an idea of where we need to focus with them. Best of luck! 1 Like

Latoya posted December 17, 2019

like dancing to music that teaches, instructional songs. The Hokey Pokey is a great way to teach kids their right from left. Scavenger hunts with treasure maps are exciting. You can provide riddles or clues, tell them the object is near something red, or behind, or under. Participant with the kids. We have so much fun learning and playing together. 1 Like

Diane posted August 8, 2023

I take a sheet and two chairs and make a tent for them,put pillows and a blanket in the tent, give them books to read .You can also get some small flashlights in the tent they will take over 0 Likes