How to get my son to eat healthy lunches at school!

The school my son goes to serves so much junk! Juice comes with every meal and there's barely anything with nutritional value. How do I help my baby get the nutrients?

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Leilani posted November 25, 2019

I would say, if bringing it to the daycare's attention or switching daycares is not an option--- feed them SUPER healthy during breakfast and dinner. 0 Likes

Elizabeth posted November 25, 2019

Send healthy snacks to school and ask your daycare to substitute certain meals/snacks in the day. 0 Likes

Tonya posted November 26, 2019

It starts at home ... If your child is eating healthy at home it will carry over at school .... 1 Like

Verlinda posted November 26, 2019

Why dont you ask for a copy of the menu and start it at home and you eat the same to introduce or by letting your child see you eat what they eat school can be eaten at home too. That may just open the door.s to start eating at school. Children want to please their parents for pleasing a stranger. Parents will always be number one role model, game player, should be introducing, communicating, discussing conversations with their children 1 Like