How to I keep my child from getting pink eye? He keeps getting it!

My 4 yr old has gotten pink eye twice this year and I don't why or how to stop it. I feel so guilty because i think it's my fault!

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Christina posted November 25, 2019

Pink eye is an infection & if she's always around other children, it's very common to catch it. The best thing is to make sure she always washes her hands & keep her away from children you suspect are sick. 0 Likes

Dreama posted November 25, 2019

Right when your kiddo gets pink eye, you can relieve lots of stress off their eyes by applying a warm compress. This lessens the irritation and may result in it going away faster. 0 Likes

Tonya posted November 26, 2019

When your child has pink eye as a parent you must wash and change their pillowcases and sheets everyday and disenfect everything that they touch ... Pencils , pens, door knobs , toys 1 Like

Verlinda posted November 26, 2019

Hand washing is so important, and keep hands away from the face. Wash all bed linens, clean all surfaces that the child touch. Again hand washing before and after self, (play, restroom, outside, meals etc...) 1 Like