How to know when my baby's first teeth are coming in!

I think my baby's tooth is coming in, she keeps on crying and I know it's not because she's hungry or hurt! How do I know for sure if that's the case though? My big fear is that it's something hurting internally that I cannot see.

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Cheryl posted August 9, 2019

You should take your baby to the pediatrician. It most definitely can be that her tooth is coming in but I always like to play things on the safe side. If it is the case, the best thing to do is to give her teething toys and try your best to reduce any fevers that may arise. 0 Likes

Jodi posted August 9, 2019

If she's drooling and being fussy all the time, even at night... then it's probably the because her teeth are coming! Signs are that they always want to put stuff in their mouth and fuss while they do it. When my son was teething.. i gave him ice packs that weren't as cold, so that he could suck on them to ease the irritation. 0 Likes

Amber posted August 12, 2019

Babies begin teething at different periods, so their age isn’t the most helpful indicator. There are some tell tell signs to look for including drooling, rash around the mouth (from drooling), ear pulling, irritability and fever. I question everything so I always err on the side of caution. You should definitely contact your pediatrician. 0 Likes