How to keep my toddler from slipping on the staircase!

We have a pretty long staircase in our apartment and the first step on the bottom is tile. I keep worrying that our toddler is going to slip on it and hurt herself. Anything you would recommend to prevent this?

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Alya posted June 12, 2019

I’d keep a baby gate on both sides of the stairs until you feel like she’s stable enough to deal with stairs. They can be scary as a parent. Save yourself the worry! 0 Likes

Monique posted June 12, 2019

Definitely a baby gate and you can also get a small rug for the bottom stair so that it’s less slippery and has some cushion in case of an accident! 1 Like

Jessica posted June 13, 2019

We actually went with no gate and made the effort to teach our son how to carefully go down the stairs. Definitely scary at first, but now he is super careful when he goes down the stairs. 0 Likes

Angela posted September 30, 2019

We used baby gates until we knew our little one was ready to try the stairs. We taught him to do it as safely as possible. Like always holding on to the handrail, asking an adult for help if he wants to carry something down or up, to not jump or play on the stairs, and make sure it was free of any clutter. 0 Likes