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How to make my child's first day of daycare go smoothly!

My son will be starting at a daycare this week and he is definitely a momma’s boy. Parents, tips please on how to make sure he has a good sendoff on his first day this week!

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Amina posted June 10, 2019

Stay with him for a little bit on the first day, but don’t stay for a long time. You don’t want to confuse him and make him think he’ll be spending the day there with you there too. Maybe in the car or the night before you can remind him about all of the fun he’s going to have and friends he is going to make. I got my daughter really excited and then told her that when I picked her up that day we would go get her a Frozen character lunchbox for the next day. She wanted me to leave just so that I would be able to come back to pick her up and get the lunchbox! 0 Likes

Hailey posted June 10, 2019

I have a mommy’s boy too! If your child is a crier, I would say just get ready for it. He probably knows most of the tricks you normally use when trying to leave without him getting upset, so try something new because the old tactics can trigger a tantrum! Worst case scenario you just have to deal with a few tears in the morning. He will get used to it though! I would say that you seeming excited about it is the biggest influence for him being excited too. 0 Likes

Maggie posted July 14, 2019

Talk to your daycare director about your fear and come up with a plan together. The drop off might be hard for the first couple of days but it's normal. When my son was going to start daycare, the director recommended I take his favorite toy to show the other kids on the first day. Good luck! 0 Likes

Paul posted October 10, 2019

We were overly communicative with our little guy when he first started daycare, as we figured the more we explained it to him the easier the transition would be. We actually brought him to the daycare a couple times for a visit prior to starting so he could get used to the teachers and surroundings. And then we would explain to him multiple times why he was going there to ensure that he wouldn't be too afraid. Getting him excited to see his new teacher and friends at daycare was also helpful to get him looking forward to it! There will be some easier days than others but stick to the routine and eventually it will just be a normal part of their everyday! 0 Likes