How to keep my toddler from rolling off his bed at night!

My child has been having a hard time sleeping in one position and is always rolling over! He's only 3 so I get it, but I wonder if placing a railing on the bed would hurt him? I currently let him roll onto another mattress that we have laying on the ground, but I also want to let his body learn that rolling will hurt if nothing is there. Is this wrong?

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Vanessa posted August 5, 2019

Having a railing doesn't necessarily mean that your kiddo won't fall out of the habit of rolling. Children at that age have dreams, go through bodily changes and will definitely show signs of growing! I would say that if you are scared of your kiddo bumping his head, just add cushion to the rails. But putting another mattress just adds to clutter in the room and too much space for your kid to go places! 0 Likes

Leigh posted August 5, 2019

Your son will eventually stop to roll, it's just part of the growing process. And if he doesn't, as he gets much older, you can remove the rail and if he falls off.. his body will remember the trauma and not want to do it again (of course keep in mind a MUCH older age). use padding on rails for now! 0 Likes

Justin posted August 8, 2019

Yes falling out of bed is part of the process! We waited until our little one was 2 yrs old before transitioning to a big kid bed - the older they are the less likely they will get injured or risk of SIDS. We also started out with the crib mattress being directly on the floor, and then worked our way upward from there. So eventually having a low laying bed as the next level up. We also arranged the bed so that it's against at least two walls so it minimizes the sides to fall over — and make sure it’s away from windows and plug outlets. Finally we used toddler rails to act as a barrier but body pillows could work too. 0 Likes

Amber posted August 9, 2019

My son was a busy sleeper and moved around a lot. I was such a worrier and always nervous, hoping he wouldn't fall. I decided that adding rails was necessary for my own peace of mind.
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