Do toddler seats work for potty training?

My husband and I have been trying to potty train my son but we have been struggling with him wanting to sit on the toilet. We currently use a training potty for him but he resists so much! I'd love to get feedback on what other people use. Any tips for potty training? Should we get a toddler seat?

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Gohar posted July 24, 2019

I use a toodler seat that attached to the toilet and pretend that it just like sitting on the real thing. When we first bought it, I took my kid to the store and explained to him what we were going to buy and what it was for. I then let him choose it himself. We took it home and I had his dad demonstrate how he was using the potty, then we let my son try but with the training seat attached. We said "you're doing what daddy does!" And he's been trying more and more often. 1 Like

Virginia posted July 24, 2019

I don't use a training toilet or anything like that. We are doing the old method and just having him stand over the toilet to pee. We have been taking his diaper off when we are home and yes...there have been accidents all over the house but my son has also been really hating wet legs. So what we've noticed now is that he will ask to try to pee. We of course make it fun and throw Cheerios, M&Ms and etc to have him try to aim. If he doesn't pee standing, we then ask if he wants to sit instead. SO far.. it's been going ok for us. We may change it up. 0 Likes

Trinity posted July 31, 2019

Toddler seats didn't work for my son. I didn't think anything would work at the rate he was going. Initially, my son got it instantly and I felt super accomplished, then within 2 weeks, he started having accidents constantly, he just didn't seem interested. I had to keep him in the bathroom throughout the day and set alarms to wake at night as well. As other children in the daycare were mastering potty training, he wanted to go to the bathroom like his friends and he self potty trained at that time. Periodically, there were still a few nightly accidents, but he got it! 0 Likes

Aimee posted August 2, 2019

A toddler potty chair worked well for our daughter. I think for her though it was more like she wanted to do what mommy was doing, when I was explaining to her what poop, pee, and potty were and what they mean. So when I went to the bathroom she could also practice with her potty chair. She responded so well to this so we didn't want to change it up too much for her while establishing a routine. 0 Likes